Terms of Service

CUSTOMER MUST SIGN FOR DELIVERY: All purchases have a Tracking Number, and require customer signature upon delivery. All items will be delivered directly from the Artist's Gallery location to the customer's address.

RETURNS: No returns, unless there are special circumstances; wrong item delivered from actual order customer has made (must be able to prove the receipt of order) and if the item is not delivered in tip top shape.

SHIPPING & HANDLING INSURANCE: Any damage during shipping, will have insurance. If we are not able to replace the item(s), the money is refundable with the insurance, and may take 30-45 days for the full refund with insurance applied to your claim(s).

We value you as a customer, and want to always make you happy. Fae Entertainment will do everything we can to give you an enjoyable experience ordering product(s) from our online store!

Happy Faery Fantasy shopping!

Fae Entertainment